Bernard Morin

I am feeling an urgency to impart the knowledge I have acquired over the years.  Maybe it's the era, more likely it's my age but nonetheless Spirit has been whispering in my ear that the  relevance for the planet is particularly timely and crucial. Consequently, I am re-offering an Introductory class now that I know it can work effectively over Zoom. 

Bernie Morin


Shamanism 2022

Note: All courses start at 10a and conclude no later than 12:30p. 
Ideally, courses are limited to 8 people. 

Course fees are $75.00 each and are due two weeks before each class. Payment can  be made by e-transfer (to my email address), PayPal, or cheque. 

         Additional courses may be added if there is sufficient interest.


The Prerequisite Introductory Course

 #1 Saturday, February 5
     Instruction on how to journey (for beginners), finding your Power Animal (your agent in the Shamanic world), navigating the parallel Shamanic worlds to find guides and teachers, identifying and assisting the spirits of disincarnate people. 

The result of this course is usually an increase in self-awareness, intuition and a curiosity about both the world around us and the spirit world.


Advanced Courses:

Journeys That Explore The World We Have Inherited

#2  Saturday, February 19 
      The spirits of trees, native plants, mycelium, grasses, rocks.  

#3  Saturday, March 5  
      The spirits of mountains, plains, watercourses, and weather.

#4  Saturday, March 19
      The spirits of various insects, their life purpose, life cycles and birds.  

#5  Saturday, April 2
      The spirit of water dwellers (whales, dolphins, flying fish, tuna etc)


Journeys That Explore the World Inside Of Us

#6  Saturday, April 23
      Interpreting/intuiting the body and emotional antecedents to illness

#7  Saturday, May 7
      Self-healing techniques, identifying soul fragments, hook-up etc 

#8  Saturday, May 21
      Healing emotional trauma, personal histories, past lives.

#9  Saturday, June 4
      Working with the Oversoul and Soul Parts  

#10 Saturday, June 18
       Identifying and eliminating energy vamps, curses, negative influences.


Journeys That Articulate Our Responsibility   

#11 Saturday, July 9
       Clearing residences/land of spirits, Elementals and historical trauma 

#12 Saturday, July 23
       Shifting time (forwards, backwards, expanding it)

#13 Saturday, August 6
       Shifting the psyche of violence, manipulation and degradation.

#14  Saturday, August 20
        Assisting in shifting the psyche of Nations and the instruments of war. 


Bernard Morin

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