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I don't normally trust the testimonials that appear on websites. The comments are usually hand-picked and the authorship of them is at times, suspect. For those reasons, I have not endorsed a testimonials section on this site. However, an email from Moira G which appears below, changed my mind. In it her personal experience is very clearly stated in a way that reveals what my work is as well as offering a glimpse into Moira's process in the work. It occurred to me that people who have reservations about the work would perhaps find themselves in the description of her journey. I subsequently have asked others who might add a dimension to Moira's experience to volunteer if they were comfortable.

Bernard Morin

Excerpts from a letter. Author,

Teresa C. November 2023

I just wanted you to know how wonderfully you have touched my life. I did a workshop from (sic) you and I was so nervous. I remember thinking to myself I hope he doesn't read my mind! You opened up a whole new world for me and really taught me to reach inside of myself to journey to wonderful places. I am so grateful to know you and all I have learned from you.

Cheryl C, April 2021

From my very first call to Bernie, I knew that I was in good hands. He has an energy about him that immediately made me feel supported, safe, and at ease.

To describe exactly what takes place during our work together is difficult. In its simplest form, I believe you can either spend several years in therapy to uncover and release personal beliefs that are no longer serving you or you can spend one hour with Bernie.

He is able to identify specific situations in my life that are hindering me from living the life I am meant to live. His insight about these situations is, more often than not, beyond my own awareness. The best part is that once the situation is identified, he is able to tap into the energy of it and release it along with any unwanted beliefs, thought patterns and emotions.

I have found working with Bernie to be a powerful and life changing experience. He has facilitated transformational shifts that have, without a doubt, changed my life.

Sarah C April, 2021

Thank you so much for your guidance and healing Bernie. I feel fantastic, not afraid and full of faith! Big hugs to you

Cathie B April 30, 2021

I'm not sure I can adequately explain this in mere words ... through all the tears ... I had asked for me to be able to open my heart but still feel I can protect it and to be able to define my boundaries. In the past I have overgiven and tried too hard to be accepted/approved of and loved. ( Long history of choosing family/partners/ situations of not being approved of nor loved)

Approval is from within! It is NO LONGER EXTERNAL!!!!

Love is from within! It is NO LONGER EXTERNAL!!!!

Bernie I can never thank you, and all the beings that have been trying to get through to me , enough for sharing your wisdom and your energy.

Migwech migwech

Nienke M April 30, 2021

Thank you for an interesting evening that is still with me, softly bubbling around me. I had a couple of interesting insights and experiences since.

The most important one is being witnessed, and by that I mean the safety of the container, the group. I think that, for me, who doesn't want to be seen and heard, it is hugely important. I also know that it is at the base of every therapy - support in whatever shape or form we give to each other. A lot of research has been done on being able to connect, resonate and regulate with others. Just to say that I don't take it for granted - a skill that was present in our meeting and I am grateful for that field of connection. Thank you Bernie for showing it and holding space for all of us. Thank you all.

Another one was that a few days before our meeting I realized that I am blocking myself in the not being seen and heard. I take for it granted - a reality I cannot change. Still at that moment I was aware that I put a "ceiling" on myself that is totally unnecessary and has been for a long time in my life. The exercise on Friday created more cracks in that ceiling and I am planning for more cleaning up.

After Friday's class I also realized that it is important to know what I really ask for. How do I want to be seen and heard? What do I want to commit to? "Be careful what you ask for!" a valuable remark I heard years ago and is still alive in me. In other words, I feel, I can ask for what I need/want/deserve (thanks Bernie!) but I have also the responsibility to make "it" happen. The universe/soul is not a parent who I expect to "feed" me. I have to take responsibility for how I am dealing with the "food" that is available to me. I need support, guidance at times, but if I don't support myself how will I recognize support?

In other words: Friday opened a door for more self exploration! To be continued…. Be well, Nienke

Suzanne R

I wanted tell you a little about my experiences over the last few days. Firstly, my lucid dreaming has increased immensely, and I have been doing a significant amount of work, and learning so much, in the other realms at night. My connection with my spirit animal is quiet right now, but I was told that was because after the session it needed time to rest (turtles, what are ya gonna do?), so that's fine.

I believe that I am experiencing the positive, if unexpected, effects of the session. My request was for help with motivation for movement. Now, I had intended this to mean support for more engagement with physical movement. What I am experiencing is movement on "life stuff", I've reorganized the basement, cleaned up the yard/ planted seeds, cleaned the house, all fairly effortlessly and without feeling drained afterward. I also feel some deep changes happening within myself based on resolution of events I'm experiencing in my dreams.

I've been thinking of a candle flame. You can light other candles from one flame, without diminishing the power of the original flame. Perhaps that is how the soul energy works, and why we don't get drained when sharing our gifts. This is an exciting, and hopeful, new bundle of information that holds such potential for healing and growth.

- 2019 - Linda F. -

As I type these letters Bernard Morin is performing a healing on me. He is not sitting beside me, and we are not engaged in a distant healing session. I am simply considering what he has remembered for me about myself, and am challenged to overcome an expression block that has followed me throughout lifetimes. What I would like to express is my gratitude for his commitment to excellence. He has the ability to hold safe space and turn vulnerabilities into blessings. He knows who he is and that has helped me become who I have always been. I revere his quiet strength, endurance and patient oversight, innersight and othersight. I appreciate his Oneness and the Knowing he is able to transmit. And he is human, just like the rest of us. That makes him an inspiration.

- 2019 Margaret C -

Bernie, I wanted to thank you for your WONDERFUL journeying session Saturday. Exactly what I needed, reminding me what's important, what's possible and what's required as I spearhead a big native tree planting at our nature reserve this spring. Love, play, talking to the trees!

The day was also so valuable for ME. I learned so much from my own journeying, and then from hearing where everyone else went. All the pieces/stories put together into an amazing whole. I feel more connected to the earth, solar system, universe. And yes, I talked to trees all the way home driving down 115! Thank you, Bernie! I needed that!

- 2018 Moira G. -

This Mother's Day, I would like to say a public thank you to Bernard Morin because I believe in the healing power of sharing our stories. I was lucky enough to have a Reiki session with you about 20 years ago, an experience which would plant the seed for what was to become a rather long but interesting journey towards healing. I had been struggling for a long time with my mother's death when I met you and asked you if you could contact her for me. You did, and to this day I continue to treasure that unbelievable experience (unbelievable because I've been a skeptic on and off and it took even me a long time to believe it actually happened despite the tangible sensations I felt that day). That experience would become a pivotal moment for me in changing my understanding of this universe, and it gave me a glimpse into the possibility of finding some light in what had become a very dark existence for me. It was confirmation of my closeted belief that there is more to this world than meets the eye and it brought me comfort at a time when I was quite lost. The world had been a scary place for me for many years before that experience (and would continue to be even after) because my spirit had been crushed (not only by my mother's death but also by other events too) and even though I continued to struggle to find my way for years afterwards, I believe that if you hadn't given me that glimmer of hope, that glimpse into the magic that exists within the realms of the unseen, I might never have arrived at this infinitely more peaceful place that I am finally beginning to find myself in. There is so much emphasis put on our 'mind and body' health yet without a spiritual component life is filled with so much unnecessary suffering for many. I am grateful to people like you.

2018 - Wayne A.

"For most of my young adult life (18-34 yrs) my operating system was very limited to what I could see and touch. I was skeptical of what many would call the "energy field" that is our true nature. My experiences in emergency services were logistic and straightforward as well as in my personal life. I was not aware of the damage that was being done or had been done to me on many levels, I may have known existed, but was too stubborn or macho to address. Ten Years into my career, the carnage I had witnessed began to layer itself and pile up inside of me. There wasn't a day or a weather system or a particular angle the sun was at or the way the wind blew that didn't trigger me in some way to an event I have buried in my mind. The bad days became regular days and the good days were few and far between being murdered in some way by the next incident I had to deal with. I had started a family at this time and holding my own child in my arms shifted me to acknowledge the energetic responsibility I had to feel better and be better. The draw to heal grew stronger until I could not deny it anymore. I was lucky enough to find Bernard Morin a Usui Reiki Master who was teaching in Peterborough at the time. While my initiating Master, Paul Fox (a student of Bernie) in this healing modality was a perfect match for me at the time, I found some kind of kindred spirit in Bernie, which is why I am compelled to write this now, even though it is 15 years later. My experience with Bernie has profoundly changed my life in ways I don't think words can accurately express. The healing I experienced with Bernie was so intense and heart changing that I look back now wondering how I could have possibly survived the last decade and a half without having worked with him. While our time together started with Reiki it moved into Shamanic work and an opening to gifts I did not know I possessed. Bernie worked with me on the layers of emotional damage, which he intuitively knew were important at each and every phase. The deepest work turned out to be my childhood, which he saw so clearly it was like he was in the room with me. He walked me through the layers of installed pain and helped me undo the damage energetically, that I had buried for so long. For context, this was not in any way limited to one lifetime. We dealt with residual Karma from several lifetimes that were a limiting factor in my present existence. I can say, as a skeptic who was limited to my 3 meter control circle, this was a profound teaching and something I absolutely had to acknowledge and face. Bernie is and was the matter of fact, intelligent, patient but demanding teacher I needed to lovingly move me through these issues, which all tied back to my present life. I remember paying him after one particular session and part of my mind was insisting on adding 2 more zeros to the amount given how far and how much I jumped forward in one session. There came a time when I had to use the skills he taught me to find my own way. I had entered into Mastery with him but came to a point where I knew I had my own gifts and my own destiny. It was obvious I had to go my own way as I was not drawn to teach or heal in this way. His support to pull away and search for myself was as strong as his teaching and encouragement as a Mastery student. This may be a testimonial but I think of it more as a thank you letter to a man who helped me live in a way I never thought possible. I am surrounded by violence, anger, tragedy and the most unthinkable and unspeakable things you can imagine and yet I am able to sift through the madness and chaos and depravity with an open heart and a loving tolerance that comes from the places he helped me to reach without having to ever respond with violence or use of force. There is a deeper part in everyone above and below the damage and once you tap into this place and this energy it is not a temporary fix. One of the greatest lessons you may learn is that what feels like tragedy and pain is also a teaching and a catalyst for change. It can be an awakening and changing its impact to one of awareness and growth allows you to move from being a victim into a warrior. When I say warrior I mean one who can bring Peace and wholeness into an equation without judgment. This gift changes how everyone around you feels when you walk into places that need it the most. When you deal with conflict you will no longer be a part of it. People being to acknowledge you as though they have known you or express relief like they had been expecting you for some time. The energy you carry is much bigger than you are and moves ahead of you in time and space. This is one of my favorite quotes from Bernie that has proven itself true, "When you heal the world within you, you heal the world around you." Bernie will take you to places within yourself you never imagined were there. He is a wise, open, respectful and loving guide who walks with you through the fire. I can say with conviction his skill as a healer, teacher and a guide are a gift and anyone who finds him in their life will be blessed for the opportunity to work with him. He is truly one of the brightest lights in my life."

2018 - Sharón W.
Bernard is one of my favorite people due to his integrity, his loyalty, his abilities, and his desire to assist others. It's the reason I've highlighted him on my radio show multiple times. I have recommended him numerous times to others in my own practice. Bernard delivers what he promises. He is able to send effective healing energies, escort the dying while they cross over, and show others how to reach their own potential. I recommend Bernard unequivocally.

2018 - Mike K

I am usually someone good with words, but most of my life I have experienced things that were of another kind that I had no words for. Sometime later I could try to wrap words around the experience, to a greater or lesser sense of success, but that was a layer put on something much more basic to my life. Probably eighteen years ago I arrived at a retreat that Bernie and I both attended in the mountains of North Carolina; I had noticed him before and was especially intrigued by a workshop he led the year before about words and life events and energies. At that point of my life I hadn't heard anyone say those things. Toward the end of that retreat I approached Bernie to ask him to say again some phrases he had spoken in his workshop, and he wrote them down on a piece of paper that I carried for a long time. Sometime later I framed that piece of paper and have had it on my altar for many years.

The next year I arrived, unpacked my things in the lodge, and wandered down to a gathering place where many men where talking and greeting each other. Bernie was the first person I saw. He looked at me and I looked at him, and that was the start of a very powerful and dear friendship but also a teaching that has changed me. Over the next years I studied with him, earned my first and second degree of Reiki mastery, and was lucky enough to have many sessions on the table with his hands and presence grounding and birthing some parts of me that I always knew were there, had no words for, and that contributed to my sense that there was something really different and strange about me. That sense of difference carried some shame because I am a gay man with a lifetime of shame deeply in me.

I have gained so much from knowing Bernie that it isn't possible to put it into words. There are three aspects of his teaching in Reiki and shamanism that I want, in gratitude, to put into words. First, as Bernie became my friend and I heard some of his story and as I felt his love and presence in my body and spirit, I came to feel that this sense of difference was a great gift. I stopped feeling ashamed of who I am and what I know, what I have always known.

Secondly, from the start when Bernie was formally my teacher, I always felt equal to him as he treated me as sacred life the way we are all sacred. No ego with him, just a vessel for something that I know is divine.

Third, I work as a psychologist and am accustomed to the slow and steady work of change and creation of a healthier self living in a healthier psyche and healthier body. My experience with Bernie and Reiki is that some healing can simply happen, doesn't have to be named or put into words, doesn't have to be understood. With this energy and healing things can simply be different and better. Now. I have many clients who have benefited over the years from what I have learned.

2018 - Kate

Bernie has been my teacher, mentor and friend for the best part of 30 years.

I first met Bernie when I participated in a First Degree Reiki class he was teaching. He asked us to use our hands above two plates of cookies to "feel" which one he had Reikied. I sensed only chocolate – my failure, I could not do it!! Then he explained that not everyone sensed by feeling -- some hear, some see and some just know. I turned around and looked at the different plates of cookies -- I SAW!!!!

I saw the Energy rising from the plate Bernie had Reikied -- I CAN DO THIS. (In the pursuing years and with daily practice I can now feel, hear, see and sense Energy).

In a nutshell this has been my journey with Bernie. He has taught me the basics and rituals of Reiki and Shamanic journeying and said "Make it your own". He continues to guide myself and others along our paths with teaching and anecdotal examples.

For me his teaching style has allowed me to let go of my fears, move forward and continue learning.

I use Reiki every day. I journey frequently (but not so deeply I get trapped). I have a richer, more productive life because Bernie is my teacher, mentor and friend.